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Many industries have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and people are wondering how things will look once this is all over. The travel industry has been especially hard hit and it makes sense to say that a lot of changes are going to occur. Travel in the post-pandemic world might be a bit different due to key things happening with large companies. Keep reading to see some of the things that are likely to happen soon because of the pandemic.

Expedia Will Sell Their Company

Expedia is likely going to have to sell since it is not in a good way right now. It’s possible that another similar travel company will be interested in buying Expedia. As it stands right now, it seems very unlikely that Expedia will exist in its current form later in the year or early next year. Keep an eye on Expedia to see what happens as its stock prices continue to plummet.

Airbnb Will Grow

Airbnb has been growing for a long time but most experts predict that it will thrive unlike ever before in the post-pandemic world. When consumers start traveling again, they’re going to want to be able to be as cautious as possible. Choosing Airbnb lodgings will make sense due to the increased privacy and being able to avoid interacting with people at traditional hotels. It’s very likely that Airbnb will do big business once the world can safely travel again.

The Cruise Ship Industry Is in Trouble

It’s easy to see that the cruise ship industry is in big trouble as things stand. Many of you have probably heard about the people who contracted COVID-19 and were stuck on cruise ships for long periods of time. Cruise ships are not good when it comes to keeping people safe in a pandemic and this is going to make people wary of them for quite some time. Even so, most experts don’t think that the cruise ship industry will fade away completely.

You will likely see the cruise ship industry shrink in size substantially in the post-pandemic world. It might be years before many consumers would even consider going on a cruise. Even so, there will be some who will be eager to get back on the ships. Just know that the cruise ship industry will be heavily impacted by what is going on with COVID-19 and that the fallout is unavoidable.