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The United States has some of the world’s most diverse and amazing landscapes. Whether planning a beach vacation or a cruise, take a trip to America and explore the wonders of the country’s National Parks. There are many benefits to visiting these areas, and it’s not just for the beach.

There are 63 national parks across the country, and there are plenty of ways to explore these without getting lost in the crowds of famous attractions such as the Grand Canyon. But if you’re planning on visiting some of the most popular parks during the winter, late fall, or early spring, you might find fewer people and beautiful landscapes.

Here are just a few National Parks you shouldn’t miss out on.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming 

One of the most popular parks in the world is Yellowstone National Park. It’s very popular during the year due to its history and beautiful landscape. If you’re looking to see the beauty of the park’s various areas, you will want to visit this place.

Olympic National Forest, Washington 

Situated between the coast of Washington and Puget Sound, Olympic National Park is diverse. It features three ecosystems: the Pacific coast, old-growth temperate rainforest, and the magnificent capped mountains. Visitors can walk along remote shorelines, climb the rainforest, and view alpine peaks.

There are plenty of ways to explore the park during low tide. One of these is to visit Hole in the Wall, which is 1.5 miles away from the beach. Another is to go to Hurricane Ridge to take in the views of the surrounding peaks. In-park lodging is only available at the Lake Quinault Lodge and Kalaloch Lodge.

Zion National Park, Utah 

In 2000, the park decided to ban the use of private vehicles on its main drag during the high season. Fortunately, the park has free shuttle services between the visitor center and the narrows.

This ride, narrated by a professional tour guide, takes around 45 minutes. It ends at the various locations where you can take in the park’s most popular attractions, such as Angel’s Landing and Canyon Junction. The park’s shuttle system is available for riders and cyclists and departs every few minutes.

Joshua Tree National Park, California 

Situated in southeastern California, Joshua Tree National Park is known for its unique Joshua trees, which are only found in this area. It’s around two hours from San Diego and three hours from Los Angeles. In 1994, it was designated a national park with 790,636 acres. Despite its size, the park has plenty of interesting geological features.