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Preparing for a long flight can be tiring, especially if you are unprepared. Now that you have a flight ahead, you are wondering how to spend the time on it. You can do many things to kill time on a plane, but one of the best ways to do this is to get some sleep.

If it’s an overnight flight, then it’s not ideal for everyone. Many people can’t sleep on airplanes. So, how do you pass the time while traveling on a plane?

In-Flight Entertainment

The traveling experience has changed significantly due to the increasing number of planes and the comfortable environment they provide. In-flight entertainment systems are also being offered by airlines for free to economy-class passengers. 

Read Or Listen

Finding the time to read and relax can be challenging, especially when traveling. A long-haul trip can provide you with an opportunity to do so, and there are plenty of great reasons. If you are traveling light and looking for something more relaxing, a Kindle is a great choice. They can take up less room in your bag and are also lighter.

Although everyone loves a good story, not everyone is a book lover. An audiobook is a great choice if you prefer to hear a narrator bring the characters to life. A podcast is an excellent alternative if you are a political satire or comedy fan. Before you board the plane, download some of your favorite podcasts to your phone.

Get Some Work Out of the Way 

Try to get some work done on the plane. This will allow you to relax and have time to think about the things that need to be resolved before you can enjoy your trip. You can also enable the Offline Email feature of Gmail.

Play a Game 

Keeping yourself entertained while traveling is a failsafe way to make time flow by. You can play hundreds of games with a pack of cards or a pen and paper, or you can get travel versions of some of your favorite household games. If you are a video game fan, bring a handheld console. A good puzzle book is a great choice if you want something a bit more old-fashioned.


Getting enough sleep is a significant issue for many people, especially those who work and maintain a hectic social life. If you plan to travel for a long time, you must get some Zs. Some people can get enough sleep almost anywhere, while others find it hard to fall asleep on an airplane.